About Company

Open Joint Stock Company "MiassElektroApparat" is one of the main manufacturers of low power electric motors in Russia.


High level of our developments and production is achieved due to highly skilled managers, engineers and workers. Today, we start using modern processing equipment.  In recent years, we've been rapidly developing the sector of technical maintenance services, as well as restoration and overhaul repair of electrical equipment in the field.

Products and Developments

Manufacturing and supplying of commutator motors with a wide range of applications from manual electrical equipment and household appliances to farm machinery.

Design and development of high-tech products — manufacturing of valve actuators for artificial respiration units as a part of medical rehabilitation beds and automatic dosing and capping machines for liquid materials in pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, the share of induction motors among the products released is about one-third of overall production output.

Manufacturing of motorized wheels for wheelchairs, designing of gearless torque electric actuators for valves used in oil and gas industry, chemical industry and nuclear power industry.

Designing of air-sucking unit ВВА-1200 for vacuum cleaners imported and domestically produced, such as "Samsung", "Tornado", "Evgo" and others, as well as manufacturing of engines for automatic washing machines.

Manufacturing of electro-magnetic relays for starter motors, fan motors for radiator cooling and ball joints for cars ”LADA“, ”GAZ", "UAZ" and others.

Manufacturing of oil-priming pumps which are used for engine flushing at tractors, trucks, diesel railway vehicles and water transport, off-road vehicles, military equipment and road-building machinery.

More information about our products you can find in the relevant section of our website.

We develop researching and introduce into production high-tech and intelligent series of electric motors, equipped with control systems. Primarily, this is frequency and parametric adjustment using converters own-produced and manufactured by well-known companies "Control Techniques", "ABB", "KEB", "FLENDER-LOHER", "SIEMENS", as well as start-up and protection systems of induction machines.

The products manufactured by OJSC "MiassElektroApparat" are always highly awarded at exhibitions. This allows us not only to conclude long-term delivery contract for our products, but also include new products into our production range taking into account the requirements of potential customers.


Products of our company have both domestic and international certificates and correspond to the world standards.

Activities for product quality provision and improving at our plant are divided into the following stages:

  1. Technical quality control of products;
  2. Comprehensive quality management system;
  3. Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 40.9001-88;
  4. Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9002-96 and СРПП ВТ Standard;
  5. Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001, СРППВТ Standard and GOST РВ 0015-002.

All the products of our production belong to the highest quality category that allows us to successfully sustain competition in the market of electrical products.

Our company organizes active promotion of the products manufactured in the international market of high-tech electrical products. The products of our plant have many times been awarded the highest ratings at exhibitions of the highest level: International Forum "Russian Industrialist" (Saint-Petersburg), Russian Expo Arms (Nizhny Tagil), International Exhibition "Innovation and Investment" (Moscow) and others.

High rating of the company's working results confirms that our customers have one of the most competitive series of electric motors produced by electrical industry of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. This provides our business partners with sufficient basis for creation of reliable, mutually rewarding, sustainable and long-term business partnership!

Among the customers of our products there are enterprises from Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tolyatti, Nizhny Novgorod, CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

Personnel and social responsibility

Personnel policy of OJSC "MiassElektroApparat" is aimed at the improvement of business management and production quality. As the principles of personnel policy we declare the following: information transparency, care for employees and cultural behavior. Along with that we plan to introduce new technologies of learning and development.