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Несмотря на самоизоляцию, руководство ОАО "МиассЭлктроАппарат" пришли почтить память участников Великой Отечественной Войны.
Несмотря на режим самоизоляции и переноса празднования Дня Победы, руководители ОАО "МиассЭлектроАпп...
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Our Benefits

The production plant “MiassElektroApparat” manufactures the series of low power electric motors, and this is quality assurance.

The design of electric motors is protected by the patent of Russian Federation and has won numerous awards at national exhibitions. Our electric motors have rightfully gained a reputation from the consumer as high-quality and reliable products supported by innovative production technologies, as well as a number of modifications and technical improvements.

Especially for our clients, we offer an innovative opportunity.  At customer's request, within three months a prototype model can be manufactured and tested with developing of production technology, designing and manufacturing of tooling for small-scale production of the electric motors, which are to be analogues of the existing (including imported) models, as well as completely exclusive electric motors.

The production process is accompanied by mandatory rotor balancing at balancing machines. Therefore, the electric motors manufactured at our plant are fully compliant to the requirements on vibration level according to GOST.

Electroplated metal and paint coatings are designed to protect electric motors against corrosion damage.

These technological and design features allow to increase the service life of electric motors with enhanced reliability by multiple times compared to existing analogues.